Who Are We

Established in 1987, REPLICA is a boutique 3d rendering company specializing in the unique requirements of Architects, Developers, Realtors & Builders as well as Marketing and Advertising Agencies. Focusing on services for these professions allows REPLICA to provide its clients exceptional quality and competitive pricing in a very timely manner. While we take great pride in the level of quality of all our renderings and other services, our animations set us apart from the competition. Having a strong background in Architecture, Site Planning and Art we can accurately translate plans and elevations embellishing them to give our clients the highest quality professional architectural renderings and animations.

Why Us

Replica is a boutique 3D animation studio, with over 20 years of expertise in creating artistic 3D renderings, architectural walk-throughs, interior design renders as well as facade design.We believe that people buy homes not only because of how a building looks but also because of how it makes them feel. Each building exudes a certain emotional appeal that is a combination of numerous design, spatial and environmental factors. A still image has special power because it allows the viewer to minutely observe many details at his leisure, pondering over all tangible and intangible influences in the image. At Replica we endeavour to enhance this intangible characteristic of each building through high end rendering of artistic still-views using photo-realistic nuances of light, colour, texture and other design elements.Our 3D architectural walk-throughs are similarly cinematic, using visual story-telling techniques of composition, dramatic lighting, motion, minute realistic touches that not only provide a real-life experience of the project, but also evokes an emotional response.Me being a qualified architect has made me realise the value of being a good listener, to be able to transform the true vision of our clients into works of art. Our unmatched personalised services are focused to deliver value for money within stipulated timelines.Replica’s renderings have earned a special reputation amongst the biggest names in real estate and have been used as an effective medium of influence and marketing tool for developers, builders and architects.